Our company was established in Parma, to design and produce mini lifts and elevators allowing our customers to overcome the architectural barriers. Our homelifts are perfect for private homes or public and commercial environments, combining the beauty of the Italian style with the uniqueness of each customised project.
Our Research & Development department allows us to constantly test the best solutions in terms of performance, safety and technology, for cutting-edge products with a sophisticated interior lift design.


Our definition of luxury does not only include the high quality of our products, but also our desire to improve the quality of our customers’ life. Investing in a homelift means enhancing the comfort and accessibility of all environments, living more independently, freely and safely.
The real luxury, therefore, is enjoying a unique product, customised and exclusive, that becomes part of the experience of those who use it every day. Forever.


The team consists of over 90 people


Total available surface 12,000 sq m


Over 50 countries all over the world


ISO 9001:2015 | 7 patents
Local certifications in Russia and Israel. Member of the CEN Committee for Standardisation


LiftingItalia is a company that employs professionals with very long experience in the vertical transport sector. It specializes in the design and production of homelifts to overcome height differences of up to 20 meters. Our homelifts are sold in 50 countries worldwide!


AreaLift, established in 2006, has specialised in the production of lifting platforms, for both indoor and outdoor applications. It designs and manufactures the products in its plant, using the latest technologies and materials to maximise quality and safety.