Having a lift in one’s home or in one’s building is a matchless comfort. However, the classic installations, designed for large buildings, may be time-consuming and costly. Nevertheless, there is an equally functional alternative which will enable you to contain costs and to optimise time.

The installation of a standard-size lift generally requires the related construction works, such as for example the adaptation of the landing and a large pit to arrange the mechanical components of the lift. If such an effort can be compensated by results in large buildings and public spaces, it can be superfluous in small blocks of flats and private homes.

Doing without a lift, especially in case of need, is in any case not a good idea. This is why indoor and outdoor mini lifts can be the right solution to combine costs, comfort and safety. Particularly if one plans to install a lift in a private home, there may not be suitable shells to bear the weight of an installation. On the other hand a mini lift, may be easily installed in lofts, attics and intermediate floors, so as to not excessively alter the look of one’s dwelling.

Indoor and outdoor mini lift: which are the advantages?

The installation of a lift in a private home may cause some inconvenience during the assembly phase. This is why AreaLift has designed an easy and rapid assembly system: our partners will reach the site already with a preassembled shell and a pre-cabled electric system, so as to minimise the time required for technical assistance.

The lift’s platform has an integrated traction system which guarantees working comfort and safety without requiring the digging of pits or the construction of masonry works. AreaLift’s mini lifts, like those of the DomoFlex model are extremely performing: indeed they are capable of transporting up to 500kg.

Safety first of all

Mini lifts are clearly equipped in compliance with all Ministerial safety standards. They are fitted with anti-seismic shells and have an innovative anti-blackout system. In the event of sudden blackout, the car – if it is moving – will immediately reach the closest floor, so as to always prevent one from getting blocked in the lift.

The shells designed by AreaLift respond well to any kind of stress and can be easily arranged inside small spaces in both modern and old homes. Furthermore, if one should choose an outdoor lift, we have provided for models which are capable of resisting in the harshest weather conditions: excessive heat, cold and humidity. This is why our outdoor lifts can also be assembled along a single load-bearing wall and may move vertically up to 12 metres.

Naturally, each home requires an ad hoc solution: AreaLift consultants may indicate the most suitable solution for your home. Customisation is our mantra!

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