Vertical mobility is by now very common in both public and private buildings. In homes there is normally a staircase which connects different floors, connecting the living area, which is located on the ground floor, with the sleeping area which is located on the first floor. However, as time passes a staircase can be an obstacle which is not always easily overcome, unfortunately resulting in many accidents.

To facilitate movements within homes, in order to find practical solutions one can choose between a stairlift and a homelift. Not everybody is aware of the differences between these two devices and it may be difficult to decide which one to choose. This is the reason why in this article we illustrate all the information which is required to carry out an informed choice.

Indoor lift or stairlift?

The indoor lift is a vertical transport system which uses a car or a platform which is lifted along a guide rail. Lifts are normally installed in commercial or public buildings, but there are also models for home use (they are called mini lifts or homelifts).

The stairlift chair is a system which is based on the presence of a ramp which normally follows the stairwell and enables to move past the steps present in the dwelling. This method is very useful for those who have impaired physical mobility or those who need an aid in order to move safely. The platform lift has the same functions, but instead of handling a chair it handles a small platform which can accommodate a wheelchair.

Our solution

The large difference between the two systems is that the homelift or platform lift are much more flexible for daily use. They can be used simultaneously by several people, they have a load capacity up to 500 Kg, can be used as a goods lifts (we are thinking about groceries, for example packs of bottled water, or suitcases). The lift is safe, practical, comfortable. It can be used by everybody, including people in wheelchairs.

If one chooses a stairlift, one must remember that the shell will encumber spaces, limiting the use of the staircase, and that in general it could have a negative effect on general appearance. On the other hand, the lift is definitely bulkier, but one must always consider that it can be installed indoors or outside the building. Moreover, the finishes, the fully glazed shell will fit in perfectly in any environment. Contact us to discover the best solution.

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