The indoor lift, also known as homelift or residential lift, has become increasingly popular during recent years as a way to improve the accessibility and comfort of one’s home. There are several advantages of installing a lift, the following are some of them.

The advantages

Greater comfort: It is no longer necessary to carry heavy bags or to go up and down the stairs. One only has to press a button on the operating panel to move effortlessly from one floor to the other, thus simplifying daily activities.
Improved accessibility: An indoor lift can greatly improve accessibility for those who have mobility problems, like elders or disabled people. It offers a safe and comfortable way to move between floors.
Increase in the value of the home: The installation of a homelift does not only make the house more accessible and comfortable but also adds a touch of style and of modernity which attracts potential buyers.
Space-saving design: Our indoor lifts are designed to be compact and not bulky. They can be fitted in small spaces and do not need to be bulky, making them suitable for dwellings of all sizes.
Customisation: Our customers can choose between a wide range of styles, materials and colours which enable to create tailor-made designs, depending on the decor of the home, whether modern or more classic.
Safe: All our products are equipped with safety devices which comply with the standards established by current legislation, guaranteeing efficiency and protection also in case of a blackout.

To conclude, the purchase of a homelift is a practical and elegant investment which significantly changes the quality of life for good.

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