When one moves upwards or finds oneself in small spaces, fear can become a problem. The Lift, despite what many people believe, is definitely one of the safest means of transport and guarantees not only speed but especially safety. Nevertheless, in their daily lives people prefer to use staircases without considering the related risks, such as accidental falls or debilitating injuries.

In general, mini lifts, lifts and platform lifts specifically stem from the desire to guarantee safety, normally regulated by specific and binding laws which impose the use of certified devices in compliance with the law.

Our safety devices

Our indoor and outdoor mini lifts are fitted with a wide range of safety devices such as the emergency button, the overload sensor, the alarm signal, the doors and locks opening control system, the emergency light. If the customer chooses a platform lift, hence without a car, perimeter proximity edges are provided to avoid crushing. On the other hand, for solutions which include the use of a car with automatic doors, like our InDomo, other safety systems are provided like, for example, a tent of infrared sensors to detect the presence of obstacles operating during transit inside and outside the car.

In the event of blackout, there is an automatic emergency descent system to the closest floor so as to avoid the fear being stuck inside the car. In order to feel ever safer, there is the option to add a telephone inside the car, connected to a telephone line free from interference which, on the contrary, one may experience using a mobile phone.

So as to guarantee safety not only during operation but also as regards the use of the installation, we provide different solutions which prevent access totally or partially, like the presence of a key for authorised users or of a magnetic iButton key. Similarly, a keyhole can be fitted on the swing doors so as to prevent non-authorised persons from using them.

Our recommendations

Like any piece of equipment, also lifts require ordinary maintenance. As is done for cars, it is a good idea to regularly plan the maintenance of home lifts, managed directly by specialised technicians who check for wear, the condition of the moving parts and the possible need to replace worn-out components. Furthermore, this procedure has the advantage of extending the useful life of the lift making it more efficient and functional through time.

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