Our living environment has a significant impact on our well-being and on our happiness, hence it is important to take care with the decor and design of domestic spaces.

The design of the home must be functional and practical so as to satisfy the daily needs of dwellers. But there is more to it than this: the design must also respect some aesthetic rules which are coherent with personal taste in order to create a pleasant and comfortable environment.

This is what we have in mind when we engage in each installation project, meticulously assessing the conformity, style and decor of the home in which our mini lift will be installed.

Our finishes

For us the homelift is a high-quality furnishing item which must guarantee well-being, comfort and safety: by providing a wide variety of solutions, it is possible to customise each of our products through the choice of fine finishes, elegant colours and refined materials.

Here are some examples: from total black for more elegant environments to total white for bright spaces which have a cleaner look; from steel (bare, satin, polished, mirror or leather effect) to wood effect with vertical or horizontal grain, though to spatulated, opaque or soft to the touch finishes.

For the floor, we offer granite grit or PVC finishes, simpler but just as fine, while for glass and mirrors one can choose natural versions or, for example, among the numerous options, those tending to milk white or smoky grey.
We have 15 different colours for painting the shell, the walls and doors, including the classic everlasting one in anodised aluminium.

Each design is tailor-made for each client, satisfying all their practical and aesthetic needs, resulting in the creation of truly unique items.

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