The outdoor lift is the ideal solution to comfortably overcome differences in height without occupying indoor spaces. The platform is always made of weather-resistant material.

The presence of a lift in a house or in a block of flats increases the property value of these assets and provides a unique comfort to dwellers. A lift is useful to remove architectural barriers and to comply with recent legal obligations. Being safe and effective, it is a valid alternative to using the classic stairlift and offers greater comfort in multistorey buildings.

Nevertheless, a “traditional” outdoor lift can be bulky. In some cases, a 5-person car may not meet the functional requirements of the dwelling. This is the reason why AreaLift manages to produce and to install outdoor mini lifts. These installations are safe, silent and adapt to a greater extent to the requirements of the buildings in which they are installed. Indeed, they do not require masonry works, construction work or electrical systems. The AreaLift lifts are anchored or fixed to existing shells and they do not require a pit or a machine room.

Moreover, our installations are small, but extremely resistant. We certify our lifts for the transport of 400 or 500 kg, depending on the model. So, let’s take a look at our flagship models and the benefits to be gained from their installation.

DomoFlex Outdoor: a traditional small-scale lift

DomoFlex Outdoor is the perfect solution for this type of needs. Its shell is made of materials suitable for outdoor use, but that in any case make a good impression also in indoor spaces. This is why the outdoor model is particularly suitable for hybrid environments which are partly covered and partly uncovered (for example when the last floor is an uncovered terrace).

Although its shell is designed for outdoor spaces, it is incredibly silent. At full speed it emits only 48 dB, that is like a state-of-the-art fridge. Despite its compactness it is extremely robust, it is made with a certified anti-seismic shell and the engine is integrated in the platform, hence no pit or overhead spaces are required.

DomoFlex Open Outdoor

There may be a number of needs and – also outdoors – a light and compact shell may be appropriate. t is the case of DomoFlex Open Outdoor, which is made on the basis of the same criteria as the mini lift, but extremely small. The “open” version is particularly suitable for reaching lofts and mezzanines with limited height: without the bulk of the headroom it can be installed easily.

Customisation is our password: in order to adapt our installation in the best possible way to your dwelling, you will be able to choose the colours and the design of the platform and of the shell.

DomoFlex for saline environments

DomoFlex has been designed to be resistant to the harshest conditions. Being an outdoor lift, it will withstand extreme cold and heat, it can also be tailor-made with AISI 316 stainless steel material in order to be resistant to humid and sea environments.

The main characteristic of this installation is the fact that, being screw-driven, it can be simply attached to a single wall. t is ideal in cases in which the walls are not suitable for outdoor lift installations. Only one supporting wall is enough to install DomoFlex.

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