Outdoor mini lifts are an excellent solution for houses or blocks of flats with a small courtyard, a garden or an atrium, where it may be difficult to install an indoor lift.

Compared to an indoor lift, there are several advantages in installing an outdoor life:
– There is greater freedom in selecting the installation size.
– Costly adjustments to the structure are not required.
In some houses, but especially in certain blocks of flats, the shell is anchored to balconies or terraces: these will be the access planes to the dwelling.

Glazed shell

Outdoor shells often have glazed walls. The panoramic version is often preferred because it makes the installation more pleasant thanks to the transparency and reflections of glass. Moreover, glazed walls enable users to enjoy the landscape from a new perspective and to let their mind wander while moving, without feeling that they are in an enclosed space.

Glazed metal shell

The metal framework, that is the lift container, is a key component for the installation of a lift system, since it is necessary for bearing the weight of the lift and ensuring its stability. The scaffolding often rests on the ground and is fastened to the wall of the dwelling. At times the scaffolding is fastened with metal structures, called ties, which can be L- or U-shaped.

In any case, it is during the design phase that one must take into account both the structural and aesthetic inspection, so as to reach the right balance between functionality and appearance.

Our CROSS 50.2 shell

It is thanks to years of experience that we are now able to offer the CROSS 50.2 shell, a steel framework which can be placed both inside and outside buildings. It is formed by jambs and transoms prepared for insertion in glazed shells or blind panels and has clear-cut lines which adapt to all environments. The CROSS 50.2 shells are tested according to NTC2008 standards, for installation in seismic areas. Upon request, a technical report is attached to the project in compliance with Italian law. Finally, we provide a series of standard RAL colours among which our customers can take their pick for optimal customisation of the chosen mini lift.

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