Lifts have become an essential part of daily life, especially for people with impaired physical mobility or for dwellers of multistorey houses.

There is a wide range of products available on the market and it is often difficult to understand which is the best solution: traction lifts, hydraulic lifts, belt-drive lifts, vacuum lifts or screw-driven lifts. Each of these types of lifts has distinguishing features that have to adapt to a particular environment, both public and private. For example, in hotels, large buildings and hospitals, the installation of outdoor or indoor lifts is rather demanding in terms of structural constraints because they require a rather deep ground pit and plenty of space for the headroom (the height of the lift at the top floor) which houses a hidden mechanical part.

Our mini lifts

The mini lifts, or homelifts, derive from this context and requirements, providing innovative solutions for installation in small spaces such as houses, blocks of flats, offices.

We offer three types of mini lifts. Indomo, the hydraulic homelift is the one whose shell and operation is closest to a classic lift. The hydraulic lift is fed by a hydraulic driving machine which uses oil as working fluid to lift the car. These lifts are extremely silent and offer excellent stability and comfort during operation. However, hydraulic lifts require a closed space outside the shell (even a simple small cupboard) containing the hydraulic power unit for traction.

Iconlift and DomoFlex (the latter designed by AreaLift) are two more modern offers and are screw-driven. Our screw-driven lifts move at a speed of 0.15 m/s but have the huge advantage of containing all the mechanical and electronic components inside the shell itself.

All our lifts can be installed in a pre-existing walled shaft or in specific shells made of aluminium or of iron. The high level of customisation is the finishing touch of our offer, for top home comfort.

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